•  Mark Jones, Rob Shearer

  • Brittany Sakowitz, Jesús Castillón

  • Jordan Silverman, Thomas Donaho

  • Kody Kleber, Will Geise, Bradley Jones

  • Doug D'Arche,Ted Kobus, Jordan Sinclair

  • Rebecca Doty, Jim Moore

  • Gail Papermaster, Ryan Walton

  • Mason Malpass, Ryan Furlow, Elizabeth Furlow, Jackie Furlow

  • Brittany Sakowitz, Lisa Pennington, Don Brodsky

  • Ron Okada, Steven Spears, Poe Leggette

  • Julie Searle, Farrell Hochmuth

  • Lisa Pennington, Laird Doran

  • Doug D'Arche, Blair Bruce

  • Farrell Hochmuth, Laird Doran

  • Scott Camp, Gail Papermaster

  • John Busch, Simone Otenaike, Ryan Walton

  • Mark Jones, John English, Rob Shearer

  • Sandra Phillips Rogers, Lisa Pennington

  • Joann Jones, Ron Okada, Poe Leggette, Steve Kestner, Matt Caligur, Jim Etscorn, Ted Kobus, Gil Keteltas

  • Blair Bruce, Deanna Longo

  • Steve Kestner, Lisa Pennington

  • Jim Etscorn, Mark Tidman

  • Paige Navarro, Lisa Pennington, Scott Camp

  •  Emily Crosby, Mark Jones

  • Courtney Daniel, Matt Caligur

  • Mark Jones, Steve Kestner, Lisa Pennington, Elizabeth Furlow, Ryan Furlow, Jackie Furlow, Mason Malpass, John Furlow

  • Lisa Pennington, Emily Crosby

  • Lisa Pennington, Jim Etscorn

  • Sandra Phillips Rogers, Cindy Winton, Bill Rogers

On May 31, 2018, the Houston office hosted an alumni event celebrating the firm’s 30 years in Houston and Lisa Pennington’s retirement after 18 years as Managing Partner of the office. More than 80 guests enjoyed sharing stories and reconnecting with former colleagues over cocktails and dinner at Vic and Anthony’s Steakhouse downtown. Guests were treated to a four-course dinner and heard several tributes to the firm and Lisa from colleagues, alumni and family.

Matthew Caligur, Houston’s incoming Managing Partner, hosted the evening’s festivities and welcomed guests from near and far. “In 30 years, the Houston office has grown to be a dominant presence in the legal market,” said Matt. “We could not have done it without the strong leadership of Lisa Pennington and the wonderful alumni who contributed to the development of the firm over the years.”

Sandra Phillips Rogers, General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer of Toyota Motor North America and BakerHostetler alumna, spoke about her longstanding relationship with Lisa and how it significantly impacted her career and the positive relationship she has with BakerHostetler today. Rogers also acknowledged Pennington’s strong leadership skills and the way she always acted with “kindness and grace.” Under Pennington’s leadership, the office more than doubled in size, growing from 35 attorneys when she took the reins to almost 80 attorneys today.

Closing out the evening, guests heard touching remarks from Lisa and her family. For those who know Lisa, her significant impact on the firm and the growth of the Houston office under her leadership come as no surprise.